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33 Vegetarian Food

Craving for a fragrant plate of chicken rice on Meatless Monday? Well, you can chow down on a version cooked by a chicken-rice-hawker-turned-vegetarian. On the menu are western-style items such as “chicken” burger and nuggets, but the star here is the Healthy Chicken Rice Set: a commendable replica of the real deal in terms of how it looks. Artfully plated in geometric porcelain dishes, the set comes with mock chicken slices, a mound of fluffy rice, homemade sauces and dips, blanched greens, and a comforting bowl of soup. While the “roast chicken” is made with fried beancurd skin, much effort must have been put to create a mock version of steamed chicken – complete with silky “skin”. Regulars also give a thumbs-up for their fragrant rice and chilli sauce.

AMK Merlion Statues

Apart from being home to the lesser-known dragon playground, Ang Mo Kio also boasts its very own pair of Merlion statues. Commissioned by the Ang Mo Kio Residential Committee in 1998, they guard the carpark entrance for Blocks 216 to 222. Much smaller compared to the other tourist attractions, what they lack in height they make up for in storied history: these rebellious heartlanders almost got taken down as they infringed on the copyright and intellectual property owned by the Singapore Tourism Board. Luckily, the relevant governing bodies worked things out, and the statues ultimately got approved to continue keeping watch over the community.

AMK Town Garden East

If you seek a moment of Zen, head down to this scenic spot. Sitting just behind the MRT station is a green slice of heavenly calm: Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East. It is built on the site of a former rubber estate and kampong called "Cheng Sua Lai", which means "green hills interior" in Hokkien. These days, you'll still find rubber, cacao, and cinnamon trees around the park, with statues of rubber seeds and nutmegs scattered amongst them. And even though it’s smaller than the nearby Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West, the five-hectare open space is nonetheless a great place for a gentle jog and a deep breath of fresh air.

AMK Town Garden West

We’re calling it – AMK Town Garden West is the most underrated green space in Singapore. Spread out over a 22-hectare hill, the park feels like a mini Botanic Gardens, minus the crowds. The most iconic feature here is the pair of 120-step staircases, which are majestically lined with palm trees and make for a great spot for Instagrammers and fitness aficionados alike. The lotus pond used to be a key attraction for photography enthusiasts but our residents share that it has been filled in recent years. That said, there are still plenty of scenic spots for spreading out a picnic mat, strolling through the forested area to admire flowering trees, or letting the kids have a field day at the adventure playground. 

Ang Mo Kio Joint Temple

When Chinese migrants moved to Singapore, some of them settled in an area close to where Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 is located today. The village was called Kow Tiow Kio, which means "Nine Bridges" in Hokkien, and its inhabitants were mostly Hokkien or Hakka farmers. They had brought their religions with them, and various wooden temples were established in the vicinity. When the government began developing the Ang Mo Kio precinct in the 1970s, the villagers were resettled, and some of the temples combined to form a single site of worship. The joint temple that stands here today was refurbished in 2011, and comprises Kim Eang Tong, Kong Lim Kong, and Leng San Giam.


The name of this tea shop is actually a play on three Chinese characters which pronunciation is similar to “energy”, and mean "serenely and safely offering energy". The guiding principle behind the brand is to elevate the simple pleasures of life through a good cuppa, and as such the tea leaves sold here all hail from some of the finest estates in China. The three varieties available include pu’erh, tieguanyin, and da hong pao. For something more experiential, book a session at the atelier with co-founder and tea master Ms Vivian Ng. She makes for a delightful host and loves sharing her knowledge about brewing methods, tips around mindful living, and stories behind the leaves with tea lovers.

You also stand to win awesome prizes in our Jalanhuat giveaway here! From 15 March to 25 April, we have loads of prizes up for grabs in our weekly draws: think $150 Tuck Shop app credit that may be redeemed for purchases at Yishun Park Hawker Centre; $30 voucher from Chong Pang Nasi Lemak and Tan’s Tu Tu Coconut Cake. For the grand draw open to all participants for the duration of the campaign period, three participants will receive an Apple Watch Series 3, a $188 Grab voucher and a staycation at Wanderlust hotel respectively. Excited? Simply head down and scan the Jalanjalan QR code displayed at the stall to win big!



Art Mural

Ang Mo Kio scores an “A” in our books when it comes to integrating art into the heartlands. Those going for a jalan jalan session around the neighbourhood will spot murals dotted all over the estate. An old favourite is “Reminiscing Old Ang Mo Kio” by Mr Yip Yew Chong, located behind the Teck Ghee Court Market & Food Centre, which was created as part of the Arts in Your Neighbourhood initiative in 2018 by the National Arts Council. For something more current, check out Mr Lee Kow Fong’s (aka Ah Guo) murals near Central Stage, which were painted in July 2020. Featuring adorable mask-wearing and flag-waving families and animals, the works are a celebration of the resilience of the community despite the challenges of the year, and a reminder to find joy in everyday life.

Belinda's Traditional Pancake

You’d want to wake up early for this hawker gem – and yes, even for all you night owls out there, we say it’s worth making the effort for Mdm Belinda Yeo’s traditional breakfast items. The pillowy soft min jiang kueh comes with either peanut, coconut, or red bean filling sandwiched in between. For something lighter, a crisp, cone-shaped version is also available with a variety of toppings. However, the putu mayam is what we came for. An old-school snack with South Indian origins, it is not so commonly found in Singapore as the tedious process of swirling vermicelli by hand is simply not practised anymore. This delightful noodle cake is steamed and served with fresh coconut flakes and orange palm sugar. Just make sure you go before noon, or else everything will be sold out.

Boo! by A Han Bakes

A Han Bakes was borne out of Ms August Han’s love for baking, and her dream of helping people celebrate joyous life events with delicious surprises. She relocated the bakery from Serangoon Gardens to Ang Mo Kio in 2017, and decided to expand the concept to incorporate retail. The current space, called Boo!, is a retail outlet that stocks a range of novelty items, including vinyl stickers from Fawn and earrings from The Gingery Co. This is also where you can grab some of Ms Han’s famed brownies, cupcakes and tarts—dessert and retail therapy all in one place, what more can you ask for? when you pop by.

Centre Satay Beehoon

To be fair, this dish probably won't win any awards for best presentation. But one bite and all will be forgiven – it is the tastiest mess and hits all the right notes. Soft strands of bee hoon are soaked in a rich peanut sauce that is sweet, but also has a slight kick. And tucked in between the noodles is a treasure trove comprising tender pieces of cuttlefish, cockles, prawns, pork slices, and kangkong. There is an option to get the cuttlefish and kangkong by itself, but we recommend that you go for what you came for: the satay bee hoon.